Fightclub, 9b, FA by Alex Megos

© Megos coll.

Alex Megos on Fightclub, 9b, Canmore, Canada  © Megos coll.
Alex Megos on Fightclub, 9b, Canmore, Canada
© Megos coll.
Alex Megos has made the first ascent of Fightclub at Canmore in Canada. He suggests 9b, which would make it the first of the grade in the country.

For Alex, it was the second of the grade after Chris Sharma's First round, first minute at Margalef which he climbed on New year's Eve last year. An educated guess says Alex' will name his next 9b Street fighter or something similar.

The first day in Canada 2 weeks ago Sonnie Trotter bolted this line in fear I wouldn't have enough projects to do. Now, 2 weeks later after working on it for 5 days and even taking rest days I finally got it!!! FA of "Fightclub" 5.15b (9b), the hardest route in Canada to date and my 2nd 9b!!!

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16 Aug, 2016
It's a joke by the author of the article referring to his previous two 9b's: First Round, First Minute and Fightclub. To stay in line with routenames related to fighting that are also famous (because of being movie titles /ali's famous fight), he could name his next climb Streetfighter. Or Mortal Combat I guess. Or Rocky.
16 Aug, 2016
Or 'UKC religion thread' ;-)
16 Aug, 2016
But Alex has clearly forgotten the first rule of fight club!
19 Aug, 2016
Doesn't look that steep in the photo. World's slabbiest 9b? Also interesting that they have enough good rock to just go out and bolt something just the right grade.
19 Aug, 2016
I think it's been a fairly well known problem by the locals so I suspect not an entirely random choice!
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