L'homme demain, 9a/+, first ascent by Seb Bouin

Seb Bouin on L'homme demain, 9a/+, Ramirole, Verdon, 146 kb
Seb Bouin on L'homme demain, 9a/+, Ramirole, Verdon
© Jan Novak
Seb Bouin has made the first ascent of L'homme demain, 9a/+, in the very steep Ramirole sector at Verdon, France

After working "Move" (9b/9b+) in Flatanger (Norway), I came to the Verdon, in the famous Ramirole sector.
I did a new project called "L'homme demain". This route goes straight in the cave, it's just amazing!!!!
There are two main parts in this route. One first which weighs in around 8c+ and a second one which is around 8c. The route is 50 meters in total.
The first part is really resistant and physical. And the main problem is to arrive fresh in the second part. There is a good rest between the two parts.
In the beginning I was thinking that the start was harder, but finally, if you find the knee bars, it's ok.
I think this route it's harder than "Thor's Hammer" (I did it this summer). That's why I propose 9a/9a+.
I hope this route will be try because is one of the best in this level ;)

Seb Bouin is sponsored by: EB, Tendon, Nograd and YY Climbing belay glasses

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