Alex Megos repeats Becoming, 9a+

Alex Megos on Becoming, 9a+, Rotenstein, Frankenjura, 130 kb
Alex Megos on Becoming, 9a+, Rotenstein, Frankenjura
© Christoph Hanke
Alex Megos has repeated Markus Bock's The Becoming, 9a+, at Rotenstein in Frankenjura, Germany. 

For Alex, it was of course nice to be able to repeat one of the, for him, last remaining hard routes in the Frankenjura, but at the same time he says that he was appalled by the amount of chipping and glueing in the route.

Is chipping still an issue or is it widely accepted now? Is it ok to chip? Did I miss something??
Maybe. Looks like everybody is doing it and nobody seems to say anything...​

That thing [The Becoming] is absolutely glued. 
And the one to the right of that one as well...
And the one to the right of that is even worse!

Markus made the first ascent in 2014 and described the rock as "bulletproof" at the time.

In an upcoming interview, I and Alex will discuss this issue a lot more.

What do you think about it? Is it still a big problem?

Alex Megos is sponsored by: Café Kraft, DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia, Red Bull, Sterling Rope and Tenaya




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