2nd Ascent of Es Pontas for Jernej Kruder

Jernej Kruder has made the long awaited 2nd ascent of Chris Sharma's 'Es Pontas' in Mallorca. He has been trying the route for the last month with German Jan Hojer. Sharma never graded the route, although it's thought to be in the 9a+ area.

The stunning arch of Es Pontas, 176 kb
The stunning arch of Es Pontas
© Rasmus Kaessmann

The route was made famous in Big Up Productions' film King Lines in 2007 and features a very big dyno roughly 30ft above the sea. Although a grade has never been confirmed, it is thought to be the hardest deep water solo in the world. Jernej also made the 2nd ascent of Sharma's Pontax, 8C, which exits on the sea facing side of the arch. Sharma completed this a year before his ascent of Es Pontas.

Describing Jernej's ascent, Hojer wrote: "Krudi did it! After almost a month of trying Es Pontas together Jernej made the second ascent! Watching him climb was one of the best go's I ever saw! He cruised through all the hard sequences until he started screaming at the victory jug! I watched from the other side of the arch and almost died, hustling up to the top while he did the last easy moves, to give him a men hug on top."

Below are some short films from Jernej taking some falls from Es Pontas



What a lovely Sunday or whatever day was today 😂 had a high point in Es pontas which makes me so happy. But things are not so bright every day. Dyno happens in every 4th try or so...this is how it looks like when things don't work as they should 😂 @adidasoutdoor @camp1889 @sloveniaclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing #rockclimbing #scarpaclimb #scarpaspa #scarpaslo #campcassin #duravida #instaclimb #endurance #achievement #psicobloc #dws #adrenaline #deepwatersolo #fall #badfall

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Less than 10 days left and less than 3 moves left for success. The hardest move is made from the ground now and I only need to stay focus for the last two moves that are not too hard actually. Today was a rest day and tomorrow the battle continues 😀 it feels so good to just cruise through the route without falling on the dyno and not being bothered either I send it or not. In last 3 days haven't failed even once on dyno 💪 #venga 📽 @kerstin_helbach_mallorca @adidasoutdoor @camp1889 @sloveniaclimbing #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #climbing_is_my_passion #climbing #rockclimbing #scarpaclimb #scarpaspa #scarpaslo #campcassin #duravida #instaclimb #endurance #achievement #psicobloc #dws #adrenaline #deepwatersolo

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We will catch up with Jernej over the next few days and ask him his thoughts on Es Pontas and hopefully report on a third ascent!

Jernej is sponsored by: adidas and Scarpa

Jernej is sponsored by: adidas and Scarpa

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