Jimmy Webb repeats Kintsugi, ~8C

Jimmy Webb on Kintsugi, ~8C, Red rock, Nevada, 141 kb
Jimmy Webb on Kintsugi, ~8C, Red rock, Nevada
© Jimmy Webb
Jimmy Webb has made the second ascent of Nalle Hukkataival's Kintsugi, ~8C, in the Mud Springs Canyon at Red Rock, Nevada. Nalle made the first ascent almost two years ago, in January 2015.

Since then, Jimmy has also visited Yosemite where he repeated Chris Sharma's Dominated (Dominator assis), ~8B, and Carlo Traversi's Cold Snap, ~8A+, which he found hard(!) for the grade. Very unusual when it comes to Jimmy.

The fingers he injured when he managed to get them caught in the rope during a rope swing are now almost back to full strength again. Strong enough to climb ~8C anyway...

James Webb is sponsored by: Five Ten, Hippytree, Metolius and Organic Climbing

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