Adam Ondra climbs Mamichula, 9b

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Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of Mamichula, hard 9b, which is a link up of Papichulo, 9a+, and Pachamama, hard 9a+.

Adam repeated Pachamama just the other day and went straight to work on his main objective, the linkup. Prior to making the first ascent, he said he thought it would be a hard 9b or even a 9b+. It seems he went for the former.

From Adam's Instagram:

Craaazy day! It was so windy that I thought it would be impossible to climb. Then it got a little more still...

In the end, I took down this project of Chris Sharma's, I think Mamichula 9b (hard) could be a good name.
Incredible power endurance without any rest.

In this video from the other day, Adam is working the project.

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Born in the Czech Republic, Adam Ondra has built up a decorated career since his early competitions, winning his first World Championships medal in 2009 in lead climbing. He was a favourite for Tokyo 2020 gold, but an...

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9 Feb, 2017
There's a longer vid now of the complete ascent... with some minimalist bolt clipping going on.
9 Feb, 2017
that move at the end.......arf
9 Feb, 2017
The plus signifies a completely different grade, not just a hard one from the previous grade band (slightly confusing i know). So 9b (hard) mean it's hard for a 9b but not quite hard enough for 9b+. The next step up would be a soft 9b+ but that would still be harder that 9b (hard).
9 Feb, 2017
Is that like a hard hard very difficult being easier than a soft mild severe? ;)
9 Feb, 2017
Or a hard Severe being easier than a Hard Severe. I think the capital letters are crucial.
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