VIDEO: Adam Ondra making the FA of Mamichula, 9b

Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of Mamichula at Oliana, which he calls his hardest 9b ever.

The route is a linkup of Papichulo, 9a+, and Pachamama, hard 9a+, where the actual linking section is the hardest and, according to Adam clocks in around 7C+/8A boulder. Hard wind and cold temps didn't make things any easier.

Here is the full video courtesy of Fanatic climbing's Pierre Délas:

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Montura and Tendon

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10 Feb, 2017
Apparently he's done the extension to the 8a Happy Hour at Oliana today: 9a+.
11 Feb, 2017
In fact a rather outstanding 3 days now....Day 1 Mamichula 9b FADay 2 American Hustle 8c onsight Nunca doy un paso atras 8c onsight Rollito Ninja 8c FADay 3 Happy Day 9a/a+ FA 2nd go Crimptonite 8b+ onsight
14 Feb, 2017
And now he's very close the the second ascent of Sharma's Neanderthal at Santa Linya. He'd done most of the hard climbing when a foothold broke. Once he's done that seems like he'll have very little to do at 9b in Europe at least. El Bonne Combat and Lapus in Italy. Pretty incredible record.
14 Feb, 2017
And outside of Europe there's only what, Jumbo Love?
14 Feb, 2017
...and Megos' new thing in Canada, Fight Club.
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