Seb Bouin: The silent crusher

Seb Bouin has sport climbed 9a+/b (Chilam balam) and bouldered as hard as ~8C (Quoi de Neuf), although he thought it was more like an 8c+ route, which really doesn't make any sense... Still he is pretty much unknown. 

In this video he talks about himself and his climbing and we get to see him climbing on La Rage d'Adam, a ~9b+ project of his in the Verdon gorge.

At the moment, while waiting for a finger injury to heal, he is climbing on less challenging routes like La Novena Enmienda, 9a+, at Santa linya, Definition de Resistencia Démocrata, 9a, at Bruises, Terradets, and Ciudad de Dos, 9a/+, at Santa Linya.

Interview here.

Seb Bouin is sponsored by: Black Diamond, EB, Nograd, Puc series and Tendon

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