Grading Systems face Overhaul ahead of Brexit

As the triggering of Article 50 fill our newsfeeds, there's one question that remains unanswered: the effect of Brexit on the comparative value of sport routes in Britain, as well as on the sturdy British tech grade. Grading advisors from around the globe have weighed in on this crucial question: as the pound slumps by 18% and the benchmark equities index rallies by 16%, how will our grades hold up against the French system in the event of leaving the EU? Either way, the future of climbing currencies remains uncertain.

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Since the French sport grading system is regulated by the EU, there could be harsh implications for British sport routes, as seen with another non-EU member state, Norway, which relies largely on its own grading system. CEO of The Bank of, Jens Larssen, commented:

'If Brexit goes ahead, we could see the value of British sport grades falling. Compared to sport routes in the European Union, their difficulty will fall. Raindogs 8a will be downgraded to 6b, and the points system on will be calibrated accordingly, with up to 18% fewer points for a British onsight, redpoint or flash. Spain will no longer be the place to tick your 'soft' holiday project, but Raven Tor and Malham will be giveaways.'

When asked how the British tech grade system may be affected, CEO of the Bank of Rockfax, Alan James told UKC: 

'The British tech grades and E grades could possibly increase in value due to inflation and the fact that no foreigners will be allowed to enter the country to try our hardest routes. We might as well upgrade Scoop Wall to E6, and The Indian Face to E13. If nobody can come and try our routes, nobody can accuse us of overgrading! Additionally, nobody will want to use our grading system elsewhere due to the shame associated with being British, hence it has more value.' 

CEO of Climb Britain, Nigel Phalange has spoken of the strength of the British tech system in social media updates. He Tweeted: 'The UK sends 350 million climbers to the EU every week. With Brexit, the confidence in the strength of our grading system will grow, and the resulting soft sport grades in the UK will be an ego boost for the Climb Britain Olympic Team.'

President of the Bank of Yosemite, Mr Donald Trump, told UKC:

'The Yosemite Decimal System will remain the greatest grading system in the Universe. Not even the Moon has a better grading system. But when I introduce the 'Trump Force' system next year, it'll blow you off your feet. Just you wait. It's terrific.'

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