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The future of Climbing in the UK, 193 kb
The future of Climbing in the UK
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After twenty years in business, is re-branding in order to better appeal to a newer generation of climbers. Results from our latest user survey indicated that people no longer care for real climbing and would much rather stay indoors where it’s safe. The inclusion of climbing in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 only confirmed our previous thoughts that ‘athletes’ need to stay within a hundred metres of a latte machine and some sushi. The result: Climb UK or CUK.

We believe this new name takes into account the diversification of climbing as a sport and better represents a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts, from those driving to the wall through the outdoors, walking to the wall and then also those who climb at the wall. Another plus is that all we have to do is slightly rearrange the letters in our logo.

For the past year we have been colluding with (soon to be to create new initiatives which will take advantage of the influx of climbers and ultimately, take all their cash.  Over the next few months we will be working closely with affiliated climbing walls to implement these new initiatives, starting with the bolting of plastic holds on rock. We have such a wide variety of crags in this country, that it would be a shame to see them not used as training facilities and competition venues.

We asked CUK President Alan James about the proposed re-brand and whether or not he consulted the users on this change, especially after it emerged that he registered the domain name nearly ten years ago:

To be honest, we don’t need to consult anyone, as we got to where we are all on our own. If users feel a sense of ownership over the site, they can do one. It’s mine. Anyone who lacks confidence in this motion will be banned.”

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