President Trump to Build Wall in Betws y Coed

President Trump and his administration have announced plans to build a boulder wall in Betws y Coed, North Wales. 

Donald Trump hopes to break into the growing indoor boulder gym market, 159 kb
Donald Trump hopes to break into the growing indoor boulder gym market

The proposal was immediately criticised by opponents as being ''a hotspot for copious amounts of white powder, as well as being full of problems and alternative beta.'

President Trump plans to scale-up his project in the next few years, with talk of a 'VERY big, very HIGH' auto-belay wall, which he has christened 'Trump Tower.' According to Trump, the Tower could be 'the most highest wall in North Wales. Bigly!'

If this first venture takes off, there are murmurings of a potential franchise, which the President reportedly hopes to name 'Terrific Walls.'

Regarding the unexpected choice of location, Trump's Welsh press secretary, Siân Spicer, is said to have misheard 'Mexico'.

The manager of a competing bouldering wall in the area didn't seem phased by Trump's proposals: 'I just think he's a load of hot air. It won't happen. If Trumpty Dumpty comes over here taking our customers he'll have hell toupée.'

When contacted directly, Trump tweeted at UKC:


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