VIDEO: Vrtule, new ~8C/+ by Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra has made the first ascent of Vrtule, a very steep and powerful boulder at Holštejn for which he suggests, ~8C/+. This would make it the second hardest boulder problem he has put up after Terranova, ~8C+, at the same spot.

Powerful climbing on undercuts leading to this jump with a helicopter swing.
Day 1 Could not do the moves.
Day 2 Did all the moves.
Day 3 Did it in two parts
Day 4 Sent it.

Less than a week before, Adam made the first ascent of Drift, ~8C, and I can't help wondering if Adam is not on a 9A boulder quest...

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Montura and Tendon

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