FRI NIGHT VID: Shauna Coxsey and Pete Whittaker go crack climbing

Shauna Coxsey had a remarkable season on the World Cup circuit. Obviously, you would be excused for thinking that Shauna does not have any weaknesses, although it is not quite true...

Shauna was once confronted with a crack in a competition and did not have the first idea how to get off the ground, let alone climb the thing. When you are an aspiring world champion, weakness are not something to be trifled with; call in a Wideboy and get it sorted. In this film from the BMC, crack addict Pete Whittaker takes Shauna for a crash course in crack climbing - and not everything goes to plan...

Shauna is sponsored by: adidas, Red Bull, Five Ten and is BMC Ambassador

Pete is sponsored by: Five Ten, Patagonia and Wild Country

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