2017 Christmas Quiz Answers

Thank you to all 900 of you who took part in our Christmas Quiz. We apologise for the difficulty...maybe! Congratulations to Harald, who was top of the pile with 69%. Raffle winners will be selected at random from the list of entrants and contacted this week.

Happy New Year from the UKC/Rockfax team!

UKC Christmas Quiz  © Natalie Berry
UKC Christmas Quiz
© Natalie Berry


The creator of RPs - the tiny brass wires used in traditional climbing - died aged 79 in January. What was his name?
Roland Paulaner
Ronald Paunisch
Ronald Präger

The coveted second ascent of Jeff Lowe's Metanoia on the North face of the Eiger was completed this year by Thomas Huber, Roger Schaeli and Stephan Siegrist. In what year was the solo first ascent made by Jeff?

Nick Bullock and Paul Ramsden were awarded a Piolet d'Or for their first ascent in Tibet last Autumn. Which face did they climb?

South Buttress of Nyainqêntanglha South West
North Buttress of Nyainqêntanglha South West
South Buttress of Nyainqêntanglha South East

Who made the first female ascent of Estado Critico 9a in Siurana this year?
Angy Eiter
Anak Verhoeven
Janja Garnbret

How many 'V points' did Pete Robins amass in one hour in the Llanberis Pass during a charity climb in May? (V1 = 1 point, V2 = 2 points, etc)
Steve McClure established Britain's first 9b this summer. What was the route named?

To the nearest hour, how long did Alex Honnold's solo ascent of Freerider on El Capitan take him?
3 hours
5 hours
6 hours

How many E9s did Babsi Zangerl and Jacopo Larcher climb each in Pembroke this summer?

Who made the 4th ascent of The Prow at Kyloe this year?
Jim Pope
Dan Turner
Nathan Phillips

How many British women in total made finals in an IFSC senior competition this year, across both lead and bouldering events? (count each woman only once!)
3 (Shauna Coxsey, Molly Thompson-Smith and Hannah Slaney)

How many routes of 9a+ or above were climbed by women this year?
4 ( La Rambla 9a+, Biographie 9a+ [Margo Hayes]; Sweet neuf 9a+ [FA Anak Verhoeven]; La Planta de Shiva 9b [Angy Eiter])

In September this year, Markus Pucher made the first winter solo of which peak in Patagonia?

Cerro Torre
Cerro Pollone

Aguja Standhardt

Aguja Guillaumet


Who belayed Margo Hayes on her first female ascent of Biographie 9a+ at Céüse?
Janja Garnbret
Matty Hong
Alex Megos
Arnaud Petit

A 'Person Climbing' emoji with multiple variations was released this year, designed by whom?
Alex Honnold
Sierra Blair Coyle
Ashima Shiraishi

The French team who established a new route in November on Nuptse South Face, alpine style, could be distinguished by what?
Silly hats
Inflatable animals

Mike Kosterlitz won the Arco Climbing Ambassador Award in 2017. What other award does he hold?
Nobel Prize in Mathematics
Boardman Tasker Award
Piolet d'Or

What did Pete Whittaker and Tom Randall dress up as this year on their annual Birthday climb at Millstone?
Donald Trump
Old men

Dr Jim Morrissey led the American expedition to the East Face [Kangshung Face] of Mt. Everest in 1983. He is the grandfather of which top US female climber?

Sasha DiGiulian
Claire Buhrfeind
Margo Hayes
Paige Claassen

One of our UKC articles was referenced by a very reputable scientific organisation this year. Which of the following was it?
British Antarctic Survey
National Geographic


Solve the following. They are people, crags, mountains and equipment related to climbing...
Llano Nod Hex - Alex Honnold

Coire na Ciste - Erotica Since

Brain Acre - Carabiner

Sea Gnat - Stanage

Muscle Rec Vet - Steve McClure

Mechanic Lords - Dinas Cromlech

Goober Downer - Rob Greenwood

Angel Hat Nanny Qi - Nyainqentanglha (...sorry!)


Arête Routes

1) Another bald, bold and brilliant arete. Getting established on the sharp section of the arete is the crux - above this a traumatic layback leads quickly to the halfway break, or even more quickly back to the ground.
Above and Beyond the Kinaesthetic Barrier
White Wand
Ulysses' Bow

2) An immaculate trip following the beautiful barrel on perfect rock. Large belay ledges and easy escape options make this route feel less committing than its neighbours. The line seeks out the best rock on the buttress.
Sub Cneifion Rib
Cyfrwy Arete
Amphitheatre Buttress

3) The amazing arete gives a magnificent pitch for which the word 'exposed' is nowhere near descriptive enough. Start right of ******, just right of an arete, by a flake/crack that leads to an overhang. Climb the flake/crack up to the roof and make a hard pull over this. Swing leftwards to a flake, then climb up the thin flake and wall to the arete above. Follow the arete to a good spike on the right, move up and regain the true arete again by the overhang. This leads fairly directly all the way to the top. Sensational!
High Noon
The Axe
4) For some people the hardest thing about ******* is getting back out again. There will be a few climbers out there who have abseiled down to do the classic ******* (HVS) and then struggled to do the start move only to realise that there is no easier escape; persistence usually gets you up though, since above the start it lets up considerably. If you get through this initiation test un-scarred then a whole host of treasures awaits, in fact there is more quality hard climbing here than anywhere else apart from **********.
Great Zawn
Boulder Ruckle

5) ********* sits high on the fellside looking down on the remote wilderness of Ennerdale and is one of the Lake District's biggest and most complex cliffs. The routes, like the approach, are long and have a strong mountaineering flavour about them. The big classics are regularly ascended and live up to their reputations as some of the UKs finest mountain climbs, whereas some of the less well-travelled lines will need on route cleaning - to varying degrees. The views and exposure are fantastic adding to the grandeur of this amazing cliff although catching it in prime condition may take a few visits - but it is worth it.
Gable Crag
Pillar Rock
Eagle Crag

6) One of the best outcrop style crags for harder E grade climbing in the Lake District. First appearances are deceptive, the face looks quite benign at first glance - however once stood below the climbs, the steep and continuous nature of the rock architecture becomes apparent. The rock is excellent and the protection usually reasonable if at times hard to arrange.
Reecastle Crag
Kern Knotts
Burnt Crag


The following quote appears in whose book?
'Before I go, I take another look down to the valley, to the walls on the other side, and out across to the High Sierra, unfolding and uncaring with the ages. I try to hold on a little longer.'
Alex Honnold
Royal Robbins
Tommy Caldwell
Yvon Chouinard

Jerry Moffatt's Mastermind was published earlier this year and within its pages there are many motivational quotes. The question is, can you match the quote to the person that said it…
Control writing and talking, never talk failure, remember good. Take something you're poor at and make it your best attribute.
Jerry Moffatt
Bruce Lee
Alex Megos

What you think largely determines what you ultimately become.
Bruce Lee
Chris Sharma
Ron Kauk

The Price of Success. He who wants to succeed should learn how to fight, and to suffer. You can acquire a lot in life, if if you are prepared to give up a lot to get it.
Stevie Haston
Nick Bullock
Bruce Lee

When the athlete is running as fast as he can, he should not feel as though he ought to be running faster. Overall tension and unnecessary muscular contractions act as breaks, reducing speed and dissipating energy.
Usain Bolt
Lindford Christie
Bruce Lee

Don't fear failure. Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.
Bruce Lee
Margo Hayes
Adam Ondra


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3 Jan, 2018
Good quiz (apart from the anagrams!) Thanks for compiling.
I think the plan is to make them far more focussed next year (i.e. around a given topic or theme), which should make them a lot easier (i.e. possible).
3 Jan, 2018
Great move having all the quotes from Bruce Lee, bet nobody guessed that :-)
3 Jan, 2018
Won't that depend a lot on the individual? EG. A boulderer will be rubbish and mountaineering questions and vice versa.
3 Jan, 2018
Don't make it too easy. I particularly like the photo id bit, but that's because I'm a bit sad in that area (got NTBTA even though I've never even tried it). I think the highlight of this sadness was identifying both the route and whose hand it was on the half inch photo on the spine of the 2006 Eastern Grit Rockfax. At least I'd done that route.
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