NEWSFLASH: Adam Ondra flashes Supercrackinette, 9a+, at Saint Leger du Ventoux

Adam Ondra on One Punch/One slap, Arco, Italy, 162 kb
Adam Ondra on One Punch/One slap, Arco, Italy
© Adam Ondra coll.
Adam Ondra has flashed Supercrackinette, 9a+, in the Praniania sector at Saint Leger du Ventoux, France. Alex Megos did the first ascent of this Quentin Chastagnier/Laurent Triay route in October 2016.

According to Fanatic climbing the route doesn't have any real crux, just around 25-30 moves of very sustained hard and fingery climbing in a big overhang where the hardest section comes just before linking the direct start into the original Crackinette, and then you have to deal with the awkward 8b+ crack itself.

Hey, nice one on flashing Supercrackinette, congrats! First 9a+ flash?

Thanks :-) Yep, I guess so

Adam Ondra is sponsored by: Black Diamond, La Sportiva, Montura and Tendon

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There's a good interview on Planet Mountain... Super impressive. He's clearly in a...
Much more detailed quote on the other channel - sounds like he thinks it's one of his best ever achievements. Given it took Megos 3 days and he (Megos) said climbing in the area suited his style it seems pretty...

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