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The IFSC World Championships kick off in Innsbruck, Austria next month. This is the first major stepping stone to the Olympics in 2020 and Adam Ondra has made the competition his main goal for the year. Adam has spent the whole of August preparing, training six days a week in the disciplines of sport and bouldering. It's no secret that Adam has serious reservations about the competition format of the Olympics, nevertheless, he has also started investing time in speed climbing.

Writing on the Black Diamond website, Adam says 'I'm very happy that competition climbing finally made it to the Olympics. I do believe that it deserves its recognition. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages even though I strongly disagree with the combined format as I believe it goes against the evolution of climbing. One could argue that climbing has to change in order to be attractive for the mainstream, but I do not believe so. Additionally, I am a bit worried that this format is the least understandable and interesting for the public. But let's hope it will be a success in Tokyo and it will be a stepping stone for including all three disciplines in a better format in the upcoming years.

'I accepted the challenge, I want to go to Tokyo and I want to be prepared. I have not started any specific training yet, but I will start working on it next season.'

Adam is a strong favourite for an Olympic gold medal, having excelled at the highest level in many disciplines of climbing. He has climbed the world's hardest sport routes, bouldered Font 8C+, climbed the world's hardest big wall and has won multiple world cups and world championships.

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Born in the Czech Republic, Adam Ondra has built up a decorated career since his early competitions, winning his first World Championships medal in 2009 in lead climbing. He was a favourite for Tokyo 2020 gold, but an...

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