NEWSFLASH: Papichulo 9a+ by Margo Hayes

Margo Hayes has redpointed her third 9a+ with an ascent of Papichulo 9a+ at Oliana, Spain. The line was first climbed by Chris Sharma and is a 50 metre endurance-based route.

In February 2017, Margo became the first female to climb a confirmed 9a+ with an ascent of La Rambla (extension) in Siurana, Spain. Later that year, in September, she made the first female repeat of Biographie 9a+ at Céüse, France - another Sharma testpiece. Margo recently won the US Lead National Championship and will be competing for a spot in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics this coming IFSC competition season.

Margo commented on Instagram:

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Margo Hayes has been pushing her personal limits and redefining convention since she was competing in Female Youth D divisions. A creative, intelligent, and driven young woman has emerged after years of training on...

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25 Mar

I love Margo's work ethic and positive attitude. She is unbelievably tenacious.

Jump to 8:50 in this classic Udini video from the Vail WC in 2015 comparing top female climbers on WC boulder problems.

Margo's creativity and tenacity in flashing a boulder problem in a completely different way from Akiyo and Anna is really inspiring. And that smile afterward. 1000 Watts. Go Margo!