8a+ onsight by Le Nevé

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2012
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The Piscineta sector at Rodellar, home to Cosi fan tutte, 8c+, 220 kbThe Piscineta sector at Rodellar, home to Cosi fan tutte, 8c+
© Mélissa Le Nevé

Mélissa Le Nevé is definitely best known as a boulderer with several 8A+'s and many 8A's to her name, as well as a lot of success on the World Cup bouldering circuit. She has however also red pointed routes as hard as 8b+, and route climbing is exactly what she is up to now.

In the Piscineta sector at Rodellar the other day, she onsighted the first part of the mighty Cosi fan tutte, a 30 meter 8a+ in its own right, and the day before that she unsighted two 8a's in the same sector.

The trip to Spain is preparation for her trip to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky in less than a week.

Mélissa says she hasn't decided yet whether she is going to try the whole 55 meter Cosi fan tutte, 8c+, because "it's soooooo long". Perhaps she tries the shorter Welcome to Tijuana, 8c, instead.

Mélissa Le Nevé is sponsored by Five Ten, adidas, Petzl, Beal and Mule bar

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This has been read 2,329 times