Mélissa Le Nevé climbs 50 Words for Pump, 8c+

by Björn Pohl - UKC Nov/2012
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Mélissa Le Nevé on 50 Words for Pump,8c+, Bob Marley, Red River Gorge, Kentucky, 139 kbMélissa Le Nevé on 50 Words for Pump,8c+, Bob Marley, Red River Gorge, Kentucky
© Aurelien Tixiér

Mélissa Le Nevé has been in the Red River Gorge for a couple of weeks, and now the "shape has arrived" too.

After warming up by repeating Transworld depravity, 8b+, and onsighting Ultra perm, 8b, it was time for a major project, 50 words for pump, 8c+.

A few days ago, she was close to put it mildly: "...I couldn't fall higher...a millimeter of the jug, just before where you are absolutely sure you can't fall anymore....damn! (almost afraid all the crag with my scream....sorry guys....).", as she put it in her blog.

After some rest, hanging out and being inspired by Adam Ondra, she was back for another attempt.

This time "I felt really good and I fighted as hard as I could.... and I managed to don't fall and clip the chain on the first try of the day ! :) Incredible sensation of joy !!"

Congrats to Mél who is now one of few women to have climbed both 8A+ and 8c+.

Full story and more great shots on Mél's blog

Mélissa Le Nevé is sponsored by Five Ten, adidas, Petzl, Beal and Mule bar

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This has been read 4,017 times