FRI NIGHT VID: Chris Sharma goes Psicobloc

by Jack Geldard - UKC Chief Editor Aug/2013
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On the 2nd of August, the first 'Psicobloc' competition was held in Utah, USA. The competition is a deep water soloing competition above a swimming pool, and the routes are pretty high!

The event was organised by Chris Sharma (he won a similar competition in Spain in 2011, and of course climbed Es Pontas in Mallorca, perhaps the world's hardest DWS route at around 9a+), and Chris actually entered the competition this year.

The winners of the comp were Sasha DiGiulian in the women's and Jimmy Webb in the men's. Sharma was knocked out in the second round when he missed a huge dyno (did he do it on purpose, so as not to win the comp he organised?).

Here's a full overview video of the event from Park City Television:

And here's some home-video footage of Sharma vs Joey Kinder head to head in the first round:

And here's a quick Instagram video of Chris taking the plunge when he misses the dyno in round 2, as fellow competitor Matty Hong clings on and looks confused!

(If the video isn't working for you, you can watch it here: INSTAGRAM

Chris Sharma has several sponsors including: prAna, Sterling Rope, Petzl, Evolv, Entre-Prises, Sanuk.

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This has been read 12,928 times