Another 8B flash by Jimmy Webb

by Björn Pohl - UKC Oct/2013
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Jimmy Webb NOT falling off the wagon, 120 kb
Jimmy Webb NOT falling off the wagon
© Jimmy Webb (Video still)

Jimmy Webb, who is on a road trip right now, has flashed yet another 8B, The Tea cup, at Leavenworth, Washington.

By my count, this should be his 6th 8B flash, but I could be mistaken as it's now more than a handful, aka "off the charts".

Jimmy also managed to flash some 8A+'s and 8A's, proving that the shape is good. I managed to have a chat with him:

Hey, another 8B flash there, and a couple of 8A+'s too! Great to see you're in shape!
Thanks man not sure about inside shape but, we will see [Jimmy is competing in La Sportiva Legends Only 30 Nov].

No problem, Legends is a redpoint comp remember? It's more similar to outside in that respect.
Yeah, that is true, but I'll have to try to get in the gym at least once before I come. Just in case.. Haha

Yeah, you'd better, cause the other guys seem to be in pretty good shape too, at least outdoor shape...
So, anyway, did you prepare for this one (The Tea cup) like you said you did for the ones in SA?

No, not really. I had just seen one video. Sometimes things just work out.
Well hey I gotta run. Talk soon. Getting psyched for Legends!!

Well, good job Jimmy, keep it up!

James Webb is sponsored by: prAna, Sterling Rope, Tennessee Bouldering Authority, Five Ten, Organic and Metolius.


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This has been read 4,442 times