The Jimmy Webb update

by Björn Pohl - UKC Apr/2014
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Since the last Jimmy Webb update, he has pretty much kept at it. More hard repeats, up tp 8C, and more flashes,up to 8B.

At magic Wood in the Averstal he a quick repeat of Chris Sharma's Practice of the wild, ~8C, a problem that is rarely/never completely dry. In fact it was quite damp when Chris made the first attempt ten years ago.
i was curios about what method Jimmy used:
Any chance you used Chris' OG method?
What method did he use?

Big cross dyno to the big slot.

First repeat with the original method!?
Haha, I think Carlo did it like this as well.

In the vide below, Tyler Landman uses an alternative method, avoiding the big crazy dyno by taking a gaston with his left hand before the big slot.

After Magic Wood, which I'm sure he will come back to soon enough, Jimmy went to Zillertal in Austria where he spent a few day. The result was a one hour repeat of Daniel Woods' American Gangster, ~8B+, three 8B's and some more. One of the 8B's,Life, the universe and everything, he managed to flash. If anything, I think this one is considered hard for 8B...

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This has been read 3,078 times