Nuthin' but sunshine, 8B, for Puccio

by Björn Pohl - UKC Jul/2014
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Alex Puccio on Blood money, 8A+, RMNP, CO, 87 kb
Alex Puccio on Blood money, 8A+, RMNP, CO
© Joel Zerr

Alex Puccio has repeated Dave Graham's Nuthin' but sunshine, ~8B, in the RMNP, CO. This was the second female ascent after Shauna Coxsey who did it last year.

Psyched! Sent Nuthin But Sunshine V13 / 8B first try this year! Went to upper to film Top Notch, then got to watch and spot Joel Zerr as he sent Blood Money and then we ran to Lower as it was getting dark and I sent first try. Can't really believe it! Defiantly not as hard as Top Notch but its an AMAZING boulder!

Alex seems to have taken her climbing to the next level, though the capacity has quite clearly been there for a long time given the sheer number of 8A+'s and 8A's she has repeated over the years. When it comes to pure power she has yet to meet her match, at least among the women.

Alex says she feels way stronger than before, as if she has a new strength. Why is difficult to say but she says she hasn't done any other training and only been in the gym 3 times since Vail world cup.
I'm just psyched to try hard outside.

I wouldn't be surprised if she keeps delivering at the same level soon. If not higher.

Alex Puccio is sponsored by: Revolution, Scarpa and prAna

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This has been read 4,267 times