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For Wild Country, consumer satisfaction and safety are key aspects as we develop and offer new products. Our development process includes strict standards and regulations which are followed to guarantee the highest possible quality.

This is the reason why Wild Country is conducting a voluntary recall of all "SUPERLIGHT ROCK" (code 40-RSL) and "SUPERLIGHT ROCK SET 1-6" (code 40-RSLSET) chocks.

Reason for recall

Wild Country has recently learned that when single cable Superlight Rock chocks are exposed to maritime seaside conditions with high concentrations of salt and/or humid climate with salty atmosphere for an extended period, corrosion inside of the ferrule (the swage covered in plastic that is labelled with the name of the product) can occur. This can significantly reduce the breaking strength of the chocks and may therefore become dangerous for a climber in the event of a fall from height.

As this corrosion process is not visible to the user and cannot be identified, we strongly recommend stopping using the Superlight Rocks immediately and following the recall instructions.

Product identification

Recalled Superlight Rocks can be easily identified by the label on the tubular heat shrink, where the name of the product "SUPERLIGHT ROCK" is specified.

However, the product can also be identified by the characteristic single cable wire.

All Superlight Rocks produced before December 31st, 2022, are subject to recall.

The new Superlight Rocks production will be fixed and identified with a new batch number starting with number 06 or higher, and the UKCA logo.

Any Superlight Rock with batch code starting with number 06…23 (or higher) will not be affected by the recall.

Recall Superlight Rock image 3

NO OTHER MODELS of chocks are involved in the recall.

Instructions for Return and Replacement

For the return of your recalled Superlight Rocks, there are two possible options:

  1. Personally deliver the chocks to the authorized Wild Country Dealer or Mountain Shop they were purchased from.
  2. Follow the Instruction Manual for online recall at

For the replacement of your recalled Superlight Rocks, the following options are available:

  1. Immediate replacement with Wild Country ROCKS (40-RWA or 40-RWASET3);
  2. Replacement with the new, fixed Wild Country SUPERLIGHT ROCKS (40-RSL or 40-RSLSET), planned for September 2023.

The replacement will be exclusively carried out for each individual piece returned.

Wild Country ensures free replacement until December 31, 2026.

Consumer contacts

Please contact us at the following contact services (from 8.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. GTM+1 European time, from Monday through Friday):                    +44 1224 039170                      Wild Country - United Kingdom                   +43 720 231331                          Wild Country - Austria                   +49 89 412 07724                      Wild Country - Germany                    +39 0471 1832441                      Wild Country - Italy                  +44 1224 039170                        Wild Country - International                   +1 (952) 800-9839                      Wild Country - US

Otherwise, you can find more information about the recall, how to complete the return and obtain replacement online at (at bottom of page, section "Product Recalls"). There you can also find complete information on how to recognize the products subject to the recall.

Find answers to the most common questions in the "FAQ" section.

If you decide to contact us via e-mail, please include the words "Recall SUPERLIGHT ROCK" in the subject line to help us respond immediately to your specific request.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


The Wild Country Team

28 Feb

Hmmmm, what is so different about the superlight ferrules compared to the other nuts they make? Is it simply a case that the loss of strength in the load-bearing strand is too much to bear, whereas a double-stranded nut would still retain enough strength due to the second strand?

28 Feb

So I have to wait 6 months for a replacement? Any compensation for this?

28 Feb

Bit of a shame you strongly recommend stopping using the superlight rocks immediately but I can't get a new set until September. I guess dmm halfnuts are the way forward for now.

28 Feb

Is hanging on them until Sept an option and then getting them replaced? I got a set for my birthday late last year and they are still pristine!!

I appreciate that September seems a long way away but considering that WC only realised this problem in the last 3 weeks and they've already got the adaptation into their production schedule that is pretty quick. These things take time and it could have been much longer.

As for compensation Wild Country are offering a full set of standard Anodised rocks 1-10 as a replacement offer, I appreciate that they're not a like for like but they are considerably more expensive for a full set 1-10 compared to Superlights 1-6.

This isn't an ideal situation and is the first time we've had to deal with a Recall from Bolzano not Tideswell. Everyones patience is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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