Acronyms for Leaders and Belayers (AFLAB)

Welcome to the AFLAB - Acronyms for Leaders and Belayers

In the text and forum world of today you can save yourself a lot of time by using acronyms. Why, IMHO, write out a whole phrase when a few letters would do? FFS, it's obvious, innit?

Mark Glaister on Siete (6b) at Túron East Face  © Alan James
Mark Glaister on Siete (6b) at Túron East Face
© Alan James

There seems no reason why we can't extend this idea for talking aloud. Don't waste time and risk confusion at the crag when you can shout a nice pithy acronym and save your breath. UKC is full of clever and witty people (AFAIK), so feel free to post up your offerings. Here's a few to get you started at the crag, with a guide to pronunciation:

WALL (pronounced waa-ll) Watch And Learn, Lover

GARI (pron. garry) Get a runner in

TTGRI (pron. teeteegree) Trying to get a runner in

ITCH (pron. itch) Is that cam holding?

TINYT (pron. tinnyit) Take in now you tosser

SIS (pron. siss) Slack I said

SFFS (pron. siffiffis) Slack FFS

OSH (pron. osh) Oh shit

IO (pron. ayeoh) I'm off!

IOA (pron. iowa) I'm off again!

GARIT (pron. garrit) Get another runner in then

RUS? (pron. russ) Are you safe?

NINES (pron. nines) No I'm not effing safe

RUS? (pron. russ) Are you safe?

NINESY (pron. ninesy) No I'm not effing safe yet

DYBAB? (pron. diebab) Did you bring a broddler?

WAB? (pron. wab) What's a broddler?

TIN! (pron. tinn) Take in now!

IYOT (pron. eyeott) In your own time

TABSOTL (pron. tabsottle) There's a bloody snake on the ledge

IGY (pron. iggy) I've got you

IGY…MOL (pron. iggy…moll) I've got you, more or less

ARAGIM (pron. araggim) Another runner's a good idea mate

ARJFO (pron. argefoe) A runner just fell out

AYK (pron. che) Are you kidding?

DYGAD (pron. diegadd?) Did you grab a draw?

WORB (pron. warb) Watch out, ROCK BELOW

OYB (pron. oyub) On yer bike (or just FO)

YOBY ? (pron. yobby) You off belay yet?

NINOBY (pron. ninnobay) No I'm not off belay yet

WURM (pron. wurm) When you're ready mate

CAL (pron. cal) Climbing, at last

COF (pron. coff) Come on fatso

RAB (pron.rab) Rope arriving below (or where's my expensive belay jacket?)

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27 Mar

IHNGPFT - I Hope Nobody Got Paid For This

27 Mar


27 Mar

Most amusing. And delighted to see David Hume is back from the dead, and rather than writing sceptical philosophy is gracing us with these witty insights.

LBOIDH - (pron. LeBoid): Log Book or it Didn't Happen

27 Mar

Should have waited four days before posting :)

27 Mar

Yeah, I thought that too.

The acronyms remind me somewhat of Welsh or maori when trying to read it.

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