Replacement for Sony RX100

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 wee jamie 09 May 2022

I am going round and round and getting very confused looking at a replacement camera for my RX100 MKIII which is on the way out (faulty model selection dial).

I purely want excellent image quality, and am not fussed about all the video/vlogging/social media tripe that seems to accompany a lot of the compacts available.

It has to be compact and it has to have amazing image quality - sharp all over the frame, great colours and perhaps the ability to blend exposures in camera.

Any stand outs?  Any bad experiences?  

Panasonic GX9 with the 12-32mm lens is a possibility.

Panasonic LX10?  Canon G7X?

 joeramsay 09 May 2022
In reply to wee jamie:

I asked this a few weeks ago (my requirements are pretty similar to yours) and the conclusion seemed to be to just get another rx100. Thread is if you're interested. I think fordes still have the mark 1 for the same price 

In reply to wee jamie:

I have a scrap m100 if you wanted to try swapping out the mode dial. 

OP wee jamie 09 May 2022
In reply to Dan Arkle:

Thanks Dan, that's great... but all those tiny screws and my giant sausage-fingers might not go well together.  In fact the last time I took something apart (an electric drill) I ended up with a few small pieces left over at the end with no idea where they went.  

Do you have any experience with taking cameras apart?  

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OP wee jamie 09 May 2022
In reply to joeramsay:

Yes Joe, I have read that.  I was wanting to try something different as my MKIII RX100 hasn't lasted long at all.  I also find pictures are not as sharp as they could be, and in fact my MKI performed better in that area.  

OP wee jamie 09 May 2022
In reply to wee jamie:

Front runners so far are Panasonic's GX9 and Canon's G7X.

In reply to wee jamie:

> Front runners so far are Panasonic's GX9 and Canon's G7X.

Panasonic LX100?

OP wee jamie 09 May 2022
In reply to Robert Durran:

Yes Robert, that was one I was looking at too, along with the LX10.  Can't remember why I decided against them though!

I just want wide angle, sharp images, big sensor, great colours, compact.

 Brian Pollock 09 May 2022
In reply to wee jamie:

Based on what you have produced with the RX100 I'm pretty sure it will be hard to miss the mark with most modern cameras. 

That said, my suggestion would be if you're thinking of getting an interchangeable lens camera rather than fixed, it may be worth picking your preferred lens first and body second. My impression of many new cameras is that you pay for video specs and older iterations will likely produce comparable image quality paired with the same lens. Ultimately the lens is going to determine a lot of the important stuff like focal range, sharpness and also how compact the whole package is in the end. 

If you're thinking of carrying it in a pocket, options are probably going to be fairly limited (perhaps mostly to the options you've suggested) but much more extensive if you would be prepared to accept something relatively lightweight but not pocketable (i.e. Fuji xt-10 / 20 / 30; Olympus EM 10 / 5, Nikon Z50 / ZFC; Sony A something or other; etc). paired with a compact wide angle.

 Chris Craggs Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 09 May 2022
In reply to wee jamie:

I replaced my Panasonic LX100 back in October, which I had for about three years with the RX100vii after a lot mulling over the cost - it had £100 off. No regrets so far,


In reply to wee jamie:

I love my RX100 and it's taken some real punishment over the years and produced some excellent images.

You've made me realise I need to get a good second hand one ASAP!

OP wee jamie 09 May 2022
In reply to Brian Pollock:

Thanks Brian and Chris.  I shall do a bit more research.  A MKI RX100 for less than £300 is a good buy and I am certainly tempted, but 28mm wide is not wide enough for me having had the 24mm on the MKIII.  

I'm most interested in the Panasonic GX9 mirrorless with the 12-32mm.  Anyone got one or something similar to comment?

In reply to wee jamie:

I've got a G80, and tend to pair it with a 14mm pancake lens if I'm climbing - so similar to the GX9 with the 12-32mm, and either a 50mm prime or 12-60mm kit lens if not. This is the only 'proper' camera I've owned but is relatively compact and lightweight, and seemingly takes decent photos (despite Panasonic marketing it as a vlogging camera)..

The only thing is it's slightly too big to fit in a pocket so I have to use a camera pouch on my harness which is a bit of a faff. That being said, the GX9 looks considerably smaller so would probably work quite well. I'm a bit jealous of the compacts though - I'd rather something I don't mind beating up a bit.

Also, m43 lenses generally come cheaper due to the smaller sensor, which is a bonus!

Hope that helps, Will.

OP wee jamie 11 May 2022
In reply to willdjones:

Thanks Will, yes indeed, very helpful and I've enjoyed looking through your super gallery here.

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