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ARTICLE: Gwen Moffat - Thoughts on viewing Psycho Vertical

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 UKC Articles 19 Dec 2017
Andy Kirkpatrick: climber, writer, speaker, father and star of Psycho Vertical., 2 kbGwen Moffat - bohemian, author and Britain's first female mountain guide - was the subject of the multi award winning film Operation Moffat, released in 2015 by Light Shed Pictures. Now aged 93 and enjoying some quiet time after the hubbub of Operation Moffat's success, Gwen watched Psycho Vertical - Light Shed Pictures' latest biopic based on Andy Kirkpatrick's autobiography of the same name - and felt moved to write about her impressions of the film...

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Gwen Moffat writes so well, superb.
 Paul Evans 19 Dec 2017
In reply to Mark Kemball:
I agree, beautifully written and so evocative.
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More please, Gwen - that was wonderfully written
 Andy Johnson 19 Dec 2017
In reply to UKC Articles:

I can only echo what others have already said: this was very well written and perceptive. I'd love to read more of Gwen's work here.

(And as a backer of the film's kickstarter I was very impressed with it too.)
 Sean Kelly 20 Dec 2017
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This is really about reaching across the generations, and then realizing that we are all climbers with the same aspirations and fears, especially when someone ups the bar. It's just the same with music, a new gerneration, a new style of music. Just don't get hung up on the music of our youth, but see what is being done now.An open mind is a wonderful thing. We might not be the next Ondra or Andy Fitz, but we can take on the lessons, the approach and much else. The common link between these two characters of the climbing world, is forgoing the cushion of a regular job and seeking adventure, ploughing an original furrow. I've read all of Gwen's books and throughly enjoyed them. Life led to the full by both climbers.

 dabble 21 Dec 2017
In reply to UKC Articles:

Is there anywhere I can purchase this film from either digitally or a hard copy? Tried looking online (psychovertical.com and lightshed website) to no avail, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places...
 Tricadam 22 Dec 2017
In reply to UKC Articles:

I'd echo what others have said above. Thank you, Gwen; more, please!
 HighlandSC 22 Dec 2017
In reply to dabble:

I tried, but as far as I can tell it's not released yet. Just screenings here and there and I guess some review copies.
 deepsoup 23 Dec 2017
In reply to HighlandSC:
The crowdfunding backers have had their copies too I think. I guess the more general release will come after those screenings.

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