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98%monkey 24 Jan 2019



Hi All,


I live in Berkshire and climb at a few walls around the area.


What is everyone's experience of walls allowing access to independent coaches, who have the relevant qualifications etc i.e professional coaches?


Just curious to understand the general attitude of walls?


And on a further point whether the access for independent coaches positive of negatively contributes to the passion, culture and community of climbing


Thanks in advance,


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Alex Riley 25 Jan 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

Every wall I use allow private instructors and coaches to use their facilities with clients, usually at group entry price too.

Jenny C 25 Jan 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

We used to ask for a copy of insurance and qualification. Best to phone first and check though. 

98%monkey 25 Jan 2019
In reply to Alex Riley:

thanks Alex, where are you based?

98%monkey 25 Jan 2019
In reply to Jenny C:

thanks Jenny


timjones 25 Jan 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

I'll go out on a limb and suggest that I wouldn't want to be coached by anyone who was incapable of negotiating access to a climbing wall.


Beyond that good coaching lifts standards and is good for both the sport and it's participants.

summo 25 Jan 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

Quite often the instructor doesn't pay entry. But they will have to show their qualification, first aid certificate and insurance policy. 

Edit . I'm a little confused, if you had the qualification required, you'd also know the answer to your question. 

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PaulJepson 25 Jan 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

At our place you need: 

Relevant Qualification (CWI or RCI)

First Aid to qualify the above

Your own insurance

You may also need to take part in an induction/sign off with the Chief Instructor/TA.

You'll have to work by the walls rules (e.g. instructor:participant ratios)

At ours you'd also have to pre-arrange the visit with the wall. This is because (unless the people being instructed are members of the centre and can sign in themselves) the wall will need a record of who was in and any medical details etc. 

In reply to 98%monkey:

Most walls if they don't know you will want to see a qualification certificate and proof of insurance, although this is to get group entry rate at a wall. Also work to a ratio that the wall allows usually 1 to 8, but when coaching the ratios are often a lot smaller.

Although many walls may have a different policy, usually a quick email/phone call can sort out what needs to be bought along or even sent prior to your visit.

I have only turned up at one wall unexpectedly as the group needed to go to a different wall to work towards there CWA. I had to log into my MT DLog which had my certs and insurance cert. Ironically I was working for a very well known centre on the day.

RockSteady 06 Feb 2019
In reply to 98%monkey:

I'm aware of one or two walls in the London/Berkshire areas that (a) prioritise their own coaches so make it an expensive hassle for independent coaches to work there (b) have a beef with coaches who are former employees and don't let them work there.

Personally I think walls should be more grown up about this but I can understand why in example (a) they prioritise keeping their own employee coaches happy.

Edit: I'm not a coach but I know a few people who are.

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gravy 06 Feb 2019
In reply to RockSteady:

(a) I think the Castle allows one offs for free but charges a monthly fee for regulars

(b) This is definitely the case outside London as well

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