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Hugh Mongous - on 04 May 2014
UKC Fat Club is not a substitute for giving up pies and beer but to use in addition to such self denial as a motivational tool for all.

This training article by Dave Macleod includes a section on dietary advice from a climber's point of view:

A new thread is posted each week on Sunday for anyone to jot down their previous week's sins, noting goals, successes and failures and to swap ideas.

Anyone interested in starting is very welcome but you should aim to post each week, every week, however little or much you have eaten.
By making such a regular public record of your activities and by restating your goals every week this will hopefully
improve your eating habits to help achieve your weight loss/maintenance goals whatever the level of your current blobbiness.

Link to last week's (17) thread:

Apologies to UKC Fit Club for the shameful plagiarism in this thread!

Sleepy_trucker - up another 1 lb.
Dick, Still a Fat B - now under 14 st. Fab!
practicallypixie - same as last week, maybe 1 lb down?
VS4b - another the same as last week.
Fatclimber - up a bit more again.
AndrewW - same weight and falling to bits.
waterbaby - over 2 lbs down - looks like the exercise is paying off.

TTFN. Passez une bonne semaine.
Sleepy_trucker - on 04 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

I'll know on Tuesday; currently in snowdonia but, after a really hard day, I've just filled up on virtually anything unhealthy I could think of, including chocolate and welsh cakes - started on the beers now too! Sooo, not gonna hold my breath to be honest but I'm happy to have done something interesting with my weekend.
VS4b - on 04 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

It's not been a great week for me, well actually its be a great week but not for weight loss... 3 days away with work including meals out with vendors, then a weekend at Alton Towers so junk food galore, oh an zero miles cycled, first week this year of no biking...

Not brave enough for the scales right now... will check back in a few days!
waterbaby - on 04 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

My new weighing day is Wednesday but the day after I posted last week, after a mammoth amount of exercise, I decided to weigh myself the next day (just to see). So, having lost 2.5lbs on Wednesday last week, on Thursday I had lost another 3 lbs! I guess that will be my lot this week though, as my eating has slipped the last few days.

I walked another 13 miles on Friday and 8 miles on Saturday, super sets of dead lifts, bent over rows, shoulder press and back squats tonight, so who knows. We will see on Wednesday.
practicallypixie - on 06 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

It was Reading beer festival at the weekend, so am leaving the weigh in till the beer belly goes down! Went out on my bike for a few hours yesterday and have lots of exercise planned this week. Diet been ok - apart from the beer...
Sleepy_trucker - on 06 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

I'm still the same as last week, must admit I'm amazed though!

Car's all finished now though (touch wood), so hopefully back on track from here
VS4b - on 06 May 2014
In reply to Sleepy_trucker:

phew, i'm down 1lb at 249 so the dreadful week of food has not had an impact yet... better get biking again fast to fight of the return of the bulge. In better news, I heard this week that i won a new 'fully customised fixie' bike in a raffle at last weeks conference fixed gear commuting here i come - well if I'm feeling brave enough to risk the fenland wind with no gears! What colour shall i have?
Sleepy_trucker - on 07 May 2014
In reply to VS4b:

Gotta be pink, the brighter the better! Sparkles or stars, even better still.......
VS4b - on 07 May 2014
In reply to Sleepy_trucker:

Hot pink is an option... i'm thinking either black and white, or yellow though.
Hugh Mongous - on 07 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Ruddy hell! Now I've snapped an ankle ligament walking the dog. Combined with knackered shoulder and recurring medical issue my body is now well second hand. Anyone want to make an offer for it (might do for spares even if it isn't a runner).

Weight 1lb down.
VS4b - on 07 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Ouch! Get well soon
Richard Justice - on 08 May 2014
After injuring my elbow a couple of weeks ago I have been taking it easy.
Got a bit down which lead to eating a bit more but not too much hopefully. Managed to get to the wall today and did a few easier problems. Can't lock off with my right arm as it hurts too much.
Not sure what my current wt is, but now back on track.
Just got the new Peak bouldering guide which has plenty of inspiration to keep getting fitter.


Fatclimber - on 08 May 2014
In reply to AndrewW:

Weight seems stable this week. I'm getting the lifestyle sorted out. Climbed five days last week, three outside - but as outside always involves beer, just hoping for equality again this week.

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