brixton climber in south sandstone.bassett's farm rock
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Starred Southern Sandstone 6a's ticklist

contributed by DampRice Jan/16

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Belle Vue Terrace6c 6a ***845mStone Farm
Illusion7a 6a **45?Stone Farm
Steamroller6c 6a *599mEridge Green Rocks
Fandango6b+ 5c **228mEridge Green Rocks
Appetite for Destruction6c 6a *5?Eridge Green Rocks
Good Route...Poor Line6c 6a *4?Eridge Green Rocks
Fly by Knight6c+ 6a **21?Eridge Green Rocks
Poofy Finger's Revenge6c+ 6a *5?Eridge Green Rocks
Revelations6c+ 6a **7?Eridge Green Rocks
Scorpion7a 6a ***-?Eridge Green Rocks
Touch Down7a 6a ***6?Eridge Green Rocks
Steelmill6c+ 6a ***19?Eridge Green Rocks
Genesis6c 6a **23?Eridge Green Rocks
Stem Son6c+ 6a *-?Eridge Green Rocks
Iron Man Tyson6c+ 6a **2?Eridge Green Rocks
Yellow Soot7a 6a *2?Eridge Green Rocks
Obelisk6c 6a **16?Eridge Green Rocks
Earthrise6c+ 6a **2?Eridge Green Rocks
More Cake for Me7a 6a ***29mEridge Green Rocks
Sandstorm6c+ 6a ***5?Eridge Green Rocks
Dr. Kemp's Curef6A+ *5?Eridge Green Rocks
Unclimbed Wall Variation6b 5c *86?Harrison's Rocks
Meat Cleaver6c+ 6a 6?Harrison's Rocks
Right Unclimbed6c+ 6a **165?Harrison's Rocks
Unclimbed Wall Direct - Variation (Into Direct Finish)none 6a *124?Harrison's Rocks
Unclimbed Wall Direct6b+ 5c *232?Harrison's Rocks
Desperate Dan6c+ 6a *121?Harrison's Rocks
Baskerville6c 6a *122?Harrison's Rocks
Scoop Aretef5+ **25?Harrison's Rocks
Philippa6c+ 6a ***779mHarrison's Rocks
Muscle Crack6c+ 6a **20?Harrison's Rocks
Grant's Groove6c 6a *888mHarrison's Rocks
Second Chance6c 6a *45?Harrison's Rocks
Boysen's Arete6c 6a **1037mHarrison's Rocks
Mr Spaceman7a 6b 31?Harrison's Rocks
Edwards's Effort6c 6a **123?Harrison's Rocks
South-West Corner6c+ 6a **69?Harrison's Rocks
The Mank6c 6a **53?Harrison's Rocks
The Knam6c+ 6a **27?Harrison's Rocks
Toevice6c 6a *105?Harrison's Rocks
Pincenib7a 6b *40?Harrison's Rocks
Sossblitz7a 6a ***108?Harrison's Rocks
Indian Summer6c 6a *11?Harrison's Rocks
Forester's Wall Direct6c 6a 21?Harrison's Rocks
Monkey's Bow7a 6a *9?Harrison's Rocks
Goats Do Roamf6A 351mHarrison's Rocks
Missing Linknone 6a **2?Harrison's Rocks
Coronation Crack7a 6a **103?Harrison's Rocks
Flakes Direct7a+ 6a *47?Harrison's Rocks
The Flakes7a 6a ***217?Harrison's Rocks
Hangover 37a 6a ***152?Harrison's Rocks
Celestial's Reach6c 6a **15?Harrison's Rocks
Panther's Wall6c 6a **396mHarrison's Rocks
Banana6c 6a ***306?Bowles Rocks
Fandango Right Hand6c+ 6a ***78?Bowles Rocks
Maximum Orrf6A+ **26?Bowles Rocks
Patella7a 6a **64?Bowles Rocks
Digitalis6c+ 6a ***9410mBowles Rocks
Serenade Arete6c+ 6a ***114?Bowles Rocks
Juanita6c 6a *81?Bowles Rocks
Nightmare6c+ 6a **15?Bowles Rocks
Love7a 6a *2910mBowles Rocks
Hate6c+ 6a ***254?Bowles Rocks
Dislocator7a 6a *5?Bassett's Farm Rocks
Dan's Wall6c+ 6a *16?Bassett's Farm Rocks
Good Boyf6B+ **3?Bassett's Farm Rocks
Equinoxnone 6a *2?Ramslye Farm Rocks
Sandstone Safari6c+ 6a **5?Happy Valley Rocks
The Entertainerf6B+ **10?High Rocks Annexe
Camelotnone 6a *1?High Rocks...
Girdle Traversenone 6a *-?Bulls Hollow Rocks
The Shield6c+ 6a ***25?Bulls Hollow Rocks
The Scoop6c+ 6a *4?Bulls Hollow Rocks
John Player Specialf6A *305mHigh Rocks
Sputnik6c+ 6a *13?High Rocks
The Sphinx6c+ 6a *20?High Rocks
Tool Wall6c+ 6a 6?High Rocks
Dagger Crack6c 6a 3?High Rocks
Craig-y-blanco6c+ 6a ***28?High Rocks
Idnone 6a *3?High Rocks
Tilley Lamp Crack7a 6a **18?High Rocks
Firebird6c+ 6a **6?High Rocks
Engagement Wall6c 6a ***44?High Rocks
Conchita6c+ 6a *610mHigh Rocks
Boysen's Crack6c 6a **8?High Rocks
Infidel7a 6a ***31?High Rocks
Lobster7a 6a ***8?High Rocks
The Prang7a 6a **2?High Rocks
Robin's Route6c+ 6a 7?High Rocks
The Dragon6c+ 6a **3?High Rocks
Cut Steps Crack6c 6a **6?High Rocks
Too Tall for Tim7a 6a *2?High Rocks
Adder6c+ 6a **7?High Rocks
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