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The Art of the Granite Crab ticklist


Heard first in the whispers of moss covered crustaceans in the back rooms of Bovey, this Art was made secret to protect its jewel filled palaces and put an end to the deforming practices of its devotees.

The Guardians divided and hid the story between the Books of Javu and the end of The Dartmoor Rainbow for many years. But, for those looking in the right places or simply stumbling across them in the night, the story can still be found. If found it is said that the story describes a dark and torment filled path that is survived by only the most dedicated of bottom feeders...

This path was first taken by a young creature that scuttled and scrabbled at the bottom of the seabed yearning to climb in the light high above. Weighed down by fear and stunted by a weak and awkward body the creature forged its way through pain and impassable obstacles to the light above and beyond...

To find their way, disciples must await late summer before finding a way past the storm battered Seacliffs of Berry Head. Beyond this lies an Autumn trail past giant ants and lost travellers through the deep dark Woods of Bovey. Only the determined will emerge frozen in the Winter but enlightened amongst the divinity of the final challenges at the tops of the Moors.

A tough shell and strong pincers are required to Master the long hidden Art of The Granite Crab.

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Magical Mystery Tour E1 5b *** 772 335m Berry Head - The...
Oz Wall Traverse 6b+ S0 *** 188 70m Berry Head -...
Rainbow Bridge E4 6b *** 405 280m Berry Head - The...
Full Length Feature V3 ** 62 ? Bovey Woods
Bend it Like Beckham V4 *** 102 ? Bovey Woods
Bubbles from Amsterdam V6 *** 10 ? Bovey Woods
Spiderland V7 *** 21 ? Bovey Woods
Taumaranui/Finger Ripping Good Link V8 *** - ? Bovey Woods
Green Dot Traverse V8 *** 19 ? Bovey Woods
The Trench Traverse (Javu P93) V1 ** 327 ? Bonehill Rocks
Perry's Traverse (Javu P33) V3 90 ? Bonehill Rocks
The Hidden Traverse f6B *** 215 ? Saddle Tor
Slopey Traverse (Javu P22) V4 *** 176 ? Bonehill Rocks
The Cube Uphill Face Traverse (Javu P15) f6C *** 196 ? Bonehill Rocks
Feldspar Fracas V5+ * 3 ? Bonehill Rocks
Under The Bridge (Javu P51) f7A *** 34 ? Bonehill Rocks
The Hidden Low Traverse f7B ** 15 ? Saddle Tor
Lowla (Javu P20) f7A+ ** 13 ? Bonehill Rocks
The Cream Traverse V7 ** 40 ? Hound Tor
5 e, 47 stars 2,688 685m 19
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