Chalking up on San Melas
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The Roaches Skyline 'E' challenge ticklist

contributed by northy1983 May/13

Climb all the "E" grade climbs on the Roaches skyline, including all eliminates and variations. 2009 bmc guide is best for help on this. The challenge is not complete until you take a celebratory swim across Doxey Pool

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
In PassingE2 5c *118mRoaches Skyline
Johnny Pooh PoohedE2 6a 28mRoaches Skyline
ShortcomingsE1 5c **28010mRoaches Skyline
Rassp!E2 5c 410mRoaches Skyline
Safety NetE1 5b ***72210mRoaches Skyline
Pebbles on a Wessex BeachE3 5c 610mRoaches Skyline
Paul's PufferE4 6b 67mRoaches Skyline
Hank's HorrorE1 5b 98mRoaches Skyline
TopazE2 5b **13210mRoaches Skyline
Strain StationE4 5c *212mRoaches Skyline
Bad SneakersE2 5c 598mRoaches Skyline
Cold Man's FingerE1 5b *3210mRoaches Skyline
ShrugE2 5b 118mRoaches Skyline
Tower FaceE2 5b *4514mRoaches Skyline
Curiosity KittenE3 6a 215mRoaches Skyline
Sorcerer's ApprenticeE1 5b 610mRoaches Skyline
AutomatixE2 5b 57mRoaches Skyline
SlipsE3 6a 814mRoaches Skyline
SkytrainE2 5b *4414mRoaches Skyline
Acid DropE4 5c **5216mRoaches Skyline
Drop AcidE4 6a 614mRoaches Skyline
Poodle VindalooE2 5c 218mRoaches Skyline
Enigma VariationE2 5b **15512mRoaches Skyline
Split PersonalityE1 5b 396mRoaches Skyline
Definitive GazeE1 5c *6210mRoaches Skyline
Wicked WindE3 5c 310mRoaches Skyline
39th StepE2 6a 408mRoaches Skyline
MantisE1 5b ***1838mRoaches Skyline
Hallow to our MenE4 6b *58mRoaches Skyline
San MelasE3 5c ***4138mRoaches Skyline
Formative YearsE3 6a 428mRoaches Skyline
RodeoE1 6a *77mRoaches Skyline
Deep in MysteryE1 5b 37mRoaches Skyline
Entente CordialeE3 5c *1212mRoaches Skyline
Art Nouveauf7B+ ***196mRoaches Skyline
Script for a TearE6 6c *97mRoaches Skyline
Wild ThingHVS 5c **2586mRoaches Skyline
Entropy's JawE5 6b ***808mRoaches Skyline
Triple PointE1 5c *908mRoaches Skyline
The Calf PathE2 6b 112mRoaches Skyline
Very ConnoisseurishE2 6a 116mRoaches Skyline
Wings of UnreasonE4 6a ***50210mRoaches Skyline
Counterstroke of EquityE5 6c *1010mRoaches Skyline
Counterstroke of Equity DirectE7 6c ***110mRoaches Skyline
Nature TrailE5 6b *2810mRoaches Skyline
Track of the CatE5 6a ***11912mRoaches Skyline
Inspiration PointE2 5c **2110mRoaches Skyline
Willow FarmE4 6a **2810mRoaches Skyline
Ear 'ereE2 6a *15mRoaches Skyline
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