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Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
The Cool Curl E6 6b ** Lead dom 6 Apr Stanage Plantation
Master of Reality E6 6c *** Lead ky 2 Apr Hen Cloud
Million Dollar Bash E6 6b Lead teggs nose pete 30 Mar Curbar Edge
The Young Pretender E8 6c ** Solo dom 25 Feb Hen Cloud
Science Friction E6 6a * Lead dom 13 Jan Froggatt Edge
Star Trek E6 6c ** Lead dom 17 Dec, 2023 Stanage Plantation
Just in Time E5 6c * Solo dom 24 Sep, 2023 Hen Cloud
Art Nouveau E6 6b *** Sent jim, jake 7 Aug, 2023 Roaches Skyline
National Acrobat E5 6c *** Lead RP andi t, jake 30 Jul, 2023 Ramshaw Rocks
Old Fogey Direct E5 6b *** Solo G/U jake 24 Jul, 2023 Ramshaw Rocks
Fist of Fun E6 6c ** Lead ky, dom 22 Feb, 2023 Ramshaw Rocks
Master of Reality E6 6c *** Lead ky 22 Feb, 2023 Hen Cloud
Trout/Salmon Left-Hand E6 6b *** Lead ky, dom 29 Dec, 2022 Bamford Edge
Inertia Reel Traverse f8A+ *** Sent jake 4 Dec, 2022 Roaches Lower Tier
Mandrill E5 6b * Lead dom 24 Sep, 2022 Hen Cloud
Blood Blisters E5 6b * Lead dom 22 Sep, 2022 Hen Cloud
Tombola E7 6c ** Lead RP dom 2 Jun, 2022 Nesscliffe
Rocky Horror Show E6 6b ** Lead RP dom 1 Jan, 2022 Curbar Edge
Linden E6 6b *** Lead RP dom 6 Nov, 2021 Curbar Edge
The Sea is a Brown Paper Bag 7b+ *** Lead RP   18 Apr, 2021 Chee Dale Upper
Master of Puppets E5 6b * Lead jim 29 Sep, 2020 Hen Cloud
Mindbridge E7 6c * Lead david h, teggs nose pete, ky,... 26 Aug, 2020 Hen Cloud
Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop, Clippity Clop E7 6c *** Lead   7 Sep, 2019 Ramshaw Rocks
Blood, Sweat and Smears E4 6a ** Lead RP ky 21 Feb, 2019 Roaches Lower Tier
Cold Blood E6 6b Lead RP ky 20 Jan, 2019 Roaches Lower Tier
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