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Gower S-HVS *+ ticklist

contributed by RANGITOTO Apr/14

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Add Climb name Grade Ticks? Height Crag name
Inverted VHVS 4c *32316mThree Cliffs Bay
ScavengerVS 4c ***90826mThree Cliffs Bay
Joggled Wall DirectHS 4a *67118mThree Cliffs Bay
PerseveranceHS 4b *70618mThree Cliffs Bay
Arch SlabVS 4c **63324mThree Cliffs Bay
SmaltVS 4c **62?Three Cliffs Bay
Limpet RouteHVS 5b *51?Three Cliffs Bay
KaiserHVS 5a **2140m• 2Fall Bay to Mewslade
South Pillar RibHS 4a **8236mFall Bay to Mewslade
FriggVS 4b *94?Fall Bay to Mewslade
RagnarokHS 4a **246?Fall Bay to Mewslade
OsirisVS 4c ***68136mFall Bay to Mewslade
GethsemaneS 4a **654?Fall Bay to Mewslade
IsisHVS 5a ***428?Fall Bay to Mewslade
The BottleVS 4b *29531mFall Bay to Mewslade
South West DiedreHVS 5a **270?Fall Bay to Mewslade
Needle CrackVS 4b **149?Fall Bay to Mewslade
The NoseHS 4a *106?Fall Bay to Mewslade
RheaHVS 5a **12736mFall Bay to Mewslade
CombinationVS **101?Fall Bay to Mewslade
HorsisHVS 5a *88?Fall Bay to Mewslade
HorusHVS 5a *52?Fall Bay to Mewslade
AschenHVS 4c *28?Fall Bay to Mewslade
BolderVS 4b *2326mFall Bay to Mewslade
South East DiedreVS 4c **415mFall Bay to Mewslade
StormwatchHS 4b *1912mLimeslade Crag
Space OddityVS 4c *1325mLimeslade Crag
Coloured SlabS *47?Caswell Bay
Nat NotVS 4c **2722mCaswell Bay
Right EdgeVS 4b *28?Caswell Bay
Down on the FarmHVS 5b *-25mCaswell Bay
Over EasyS 4a *48?Pennard
MarmiteVS 4c *1015mPennard
Over EasyS 4a *613mPennard
SkiveHVS 5a ***29?Pennard
Vertical SmileVS 4c *16?Pennard
There's a Hole in My BucketHS **-?Bucketland
Dear LisaVS **-?Bucketland
Prawn BallsHVS 5a *-?Bowen's Parlour
Indecent ExposureVS **2?Heatherslade Bay
V CrackS 4a *1?Southgate
South East RidgeS *630mSouthgate
Il Bel CaminoMVS 5a **327mThree Cliffs Bay
Blue GlassVS 4c **3715mThree Cliffs Bay
Barnacle BulgeVS 4c *3812mThree Cliffs Bay
MagpieS *3021mTor Bay and Great...
South EdgeHS 4a 3242mTor Bay and Great...
Preuss CrackHS 4b *1113mTor Bay and Great...
South WallHVS 5a 1712mTor Bay and Great...
Onion Crack (Weeping Crack)VS 5a *169mTor Bay and Great...
Curving CrackVS 4c *5111mTor Bay and Great...
Cradle Of DirtHVS 5a *-15mOxwich Bay Quarry
DulferS 4a *68519mPort Eynon
NemoVS 4c 30018mPort Eynon
DirectVS 4c *37621mPort Eynon
West KanteS 4a **6925mPort Eynon
ShelobHS 4b *123?Third Sister to...
The RingHS 4b **118?Third Sister to...
GimliVS 4c *22?Third Sister to...
East Gully GrooveHVS 5a **54?Third Sister to...
NinjaVS 4b *14830mThird Sister to...
Socialist WorkerVS 4c *6327mThird Sister to...
AssassinHVS 5a ***26445mThird Sister to...
Spank Your SecretaryVS 4c 120mThird Sister to...
The JewelVS 4c *6615mFall Bay to Mewslade
GuardianS *824mFall Bay to Mewslade
Cave TraverseHD 4a **2239mFall Bay to Mewslade
CyntaffHVS 5a **1818mFall Bay to Mewslade
FenrisHS 4b 521mFall Bay to Mewslade
Avoid Meeting the Portugese Man-of-WarVS 4c **2140mRhossili Beach
Marsh DanceHS 4b **19?Tor Gro
SeeshichoVS 4b *545mTor Gro
Great DiedreS 4a *3812mRhossili Beach
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