Climb name Grade Added Crag name
I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy7c+ ***24 Mar, 2018Lower Pen Trwyn
Fears for Tears6c *11 Feb, 2018Pen Trwyn
Homo Sapien7a+ ***11 Feb, 2018Pen Trwyn
Stiff Upper Lip8a ***31 May, 2017Pigeon's Cave
Be RuthlessV9 *13 May, 2017Pantymwyn (Devil's...
Pantys Down Sit Startf7B **12 May, 2017Pantymwyn (Devil's...
Bus Stop Right HandV9 11 May, 2017Cromlech boulders
Three Degrees of Separation9a ***26 Apr, 2017Ceuse (Céüse)
Clever BeaverV7 *15 Feb, 2017Parisella's Cave
Rock Atrocityf7C **15 Feb, 2017Parisella's Cave
RWT Reverse - Parisella's OriginalV8 **3 Feb, 2017Parisella's Cave
Mad O'Rourke's Kipper House6c+ *23 Jan, 2017Lower Pen Trwyn
The Pirates of Pen Trwyn6c+ ***5 Oct, 2016Pen Trwyn
Liquid CoolE2 5c ***17 Sep, 2016Lower Cove
The 5th ApeE5 6a ***6 Aug, 2016Lower Cove
Julio Juvenito7a **18 Aug, 2014Pen Trwyn
Mussel Beach8a **23 Jun, 2014Lower Pen Trwyn
Mayfair7a+ **23 Jun, 2014Pen Trwyn
clogau gold7a *16 Jun, 2014Penmaen Head
Beaver CleaverV8 **16 Mar, 2014Parisella's Cave
CB low start - LipstickV8 **16 Mar, 2014Parisella's Cave
CB low start - Beaver Cleaver DirectV10 **16 Mar, 2014Parisella's Cave