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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
MañanaHVS 5a *9 May, 2021Guillemot Ledge
Portland Heights7a ***9 May, 2021Blacknor Central
The Watchman6b ***23 Apr, 2021Wallsend South
Silhouette ArêteVS 4c **29 Mar, 2021Boulder Ruckle
Batt CrackVS 4c **29 Mar, 2021Guillemot Ledge
Fire-Fox5c *29 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Finale GrooveHVS 4c ***28 Mar, 2021Boulder Ruckle
Wessex HangoverVS 4c **28 Mar, 2021Cattle Troughs
Squalid Walid and the Druze Blues6b *28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Stargazy6a+ *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Restless Heart6b+ **28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Post-coital Snooze6a+ *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Unseen Ripples of the Pebble6b ***28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Exuberance7a *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Stone Mason6a+ **28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Nine Years Absence6a *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Chrissy6c+ **28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Hot Beef Injection6b *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Birthday Treat5c *28 Mar, 2021Winspit
Negative Creep6b+ *28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Carol's Little Injection6a 28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Perpetual State of Confusion6b+ *28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Daylight Robbery6c **28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
Ozark Mountain Daredevils6a+ **28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
With or Without You6a+ *28 Mar, 2021Dancing Ledge
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