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Climb name Grade Added Crag name
Une Crime Passionel7a **1 Sep, 2022Chee Dale Lower
Succubus7b+ **1 Sep, 2022Chee Dale Lower
War Memorial6c *1 Sep, 2022Chee Dale Lower
Up the River Without a Paddle7a **1 Sep, 2022Chee Dale Lower
Bye Dad6b+ **27 Aug, 2022Rhossili Beach
Hatchet Man6b+ *23 Aug, 2022Trial Wall Area
Spit it Out6a **23 Aug, 2022Trial Wall Area
Skull Attack7c ***21 Aug, 2022Trial Wall Area
The Hant7a **21 Aug, 2022Trial Wall Area
Retrobution7b ***21 Aug, 2022Trial Wall Area
Museum PieceE4 6b *19 Aug, 2022Fall Bay to Mewslade
Skin Game6a+ **13 Aug, 2022Lower Pen Trwyn
Thick Skinned6c+ **13 Aug, 2022Lower Pen Trwyn
Kaffe Fasset6c **13 Aug, 2022Lower Pen Trwyn
Face Race7a+ ***13 Aug, 2022Lower Pen Trwyn
The Pink Pinkie Snuffs It7a **13 Aug, 2022Lower Pen Trwyn
Black Swan Rising6b ***22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Bonhomie6a+ ***22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Salus6c **22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Bring Me Sunshine7a **22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
The Best Medicine7a **22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Rib Tickler6c **22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Midnight Brambler6c **22 Jul, 2022Giggleswick South
Quiet Flight Direct7a+ **13 Jul, 2022Kilnsey
Open Road7a **13 Jul, 2022Kilnsey
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