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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Muscle Farm 7a * Lead RP 04/Oct Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Scallop Wall 6a+ Lead O/S 04/Oct Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Crystal Palace 6c+ * Lead O/S 04/Oct Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Senior's Wall VS 4c Lead O/S 23/Sep Bench Tor
Lawbreaker VS 4b Lead O/S 23/Sep Bench Tor
Work-Life-Balance 6b+ * Lead 22/Sep Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Gene Parmesan 7b+ ** Lead RP 22/Sep Churston (Sea cliffs and...
The Lynch 7b+ *** Lead RP 14/Sep Anstey's Cove
Left Bare Stone 7b ** Lead RP 07/Sep Torbryan Quarry
Crosstown Traffic 6c+ ** Lead β 05/Sep Torbryan Quarry
Little White Lie 7b ** Lead G/U 30/Aug Torbryan Quarry
The Cider Soak 8a *** Lead RP 15/Aug Anstey's Cove
Might and Main 6c+ ** Lead rpt 25/Jul Anstey's Cove
The Wages of Fear 6c+ * Lead O/S 17/Jul Torbryan Quarry
Empire Direct 7b+ * Lead RP 15/Jul Anstey's Cove
Bam Bam 7a+ * Lead RP 10/Jul Torbryan Quarry
All along the Watchtower f7B ** Sent x 08/Jul Tintagel North
The King Of Ming 7a Lead O/S 26/Apr Anstey's Cove
Omelette Wall 6b Lead O/S 26/Apr Anstey's Cove
No Holds Barred 7a+ *** Lead RP 23/Apr Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Bering Straight 7a+ * Lead O/S 23/Apr Churston (Sea cliffs and...
Viscious Delicious 7b * Lead O/S 18/Apr Torbryan Quarry
Skin Graft V2 * Sent 17/Apr Hound Tor
P100b (Javu) Jugs sit start V7 * Sent x 17/Apr Hound Tor
P100 (Javu) aka Overhanging Jugs V0- *** Sent 17/Apr Hound Tor