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Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
The Revolution is Coming f8A *** Sent x Moon crew 27 May Hartland Quay
Chilamb Baalamb f8B Sent   23 May Blackwell Dale
Moulamb Rouge f8A Sent x   23 May Blackwell Dale
Grim Service f8A+ * Sent x Jim 21 May Parisella's Cave
Jack’s Broken Start f8B ** Sent x Jim, Crew 21 May Parisella's Cave
Blankety Blank f8A ** Sent x   18 May Lily Savage boulders
Little Lady f8A+ ** Sent x   12 May Kentmere Boulders
King of Griffs f8A * Sent x   6 May Blackwell Dale
Lady of the Forest Low f8A+ ** Sent x   3 May Kentmere Boulders
Lady of the Forest f8A+ Sent x   2 May Kentmere Boulders
CaveHog f8A * Sent x   29 Apr Gwynant Roadbloc
Flip and Move f8B ** Sent x   20 Apr The Bowderstone
Umbukri f8A+ Sent x Sara, Daniel Leech 17 Apr Gouther Crags
Diesel Power Extension f8A * Sent x   13 Apr Cromlech boulders
Black Sapphire f8A *** Sent x   1 Apr Bala Boulders
Rich’s Traverse Local Start f8B * Sent x   28 Mar Blackwell Dale
Grand into the Crack f8B * Sent x Jim 27 Mar The Bowderstone
Digging for Gold f8A * Sent x   24 Mar Bradley Edge and Quarry
Flipnic into The Crack f8B * Sent x   23 Mar The Bowderstone
XXXS f8B *** Sent x   23 Mar The Bowderstone
Burlier McFreewilly f8A+ * Sent x Leven 22 Mar Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre
Burly McFreewilly f8A+ ** Sent x   22 Mar Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre
The Wrong Side of the Tracks f8A Sent x   20 Mar Ardlui Boulders
Sabotage f8A *** Sent x Locals 19 Mar Dumbarton Rock
Witness the Churnetness f8A *** Sent x   15 Mar Peakstone Inn Amphitheatre
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