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Name Grade Style Partner(s) Notes Feedback Date Crag name
Bulldozer f8A * Sent x   13 Apr Lester Mill Quarry
Long Way for Crack f8A * Sent Crew 11 Apr The Bowderstone
Sub Zero f8A * Sent x Jim 9 Apr Roche Abbey
Special Cases original start f8A+ ** Sent x Dan Turner 6 Apr The Bowderstone
Long Way for Crack f8A * Sent x   4 Apr The Bowderstone
Evil Sideways f8A+ Sent x   2 Apr Dinas Rock
Final Knife at the Opera f8B+ ** Sent x Rob Lay, C coldwell-storry,... 30 Mar The Bowderstone
Into the light f8A ** Sent x   28 Mar The Bowderstone
Lower the Steaks f8A+ *** Sent x   21 Mar Wharncliffe Crags
Burnt Ends f8B ** Sent x   16 Mar Wharncliffe Crags
Disco Monster f8A Sent x   11 Mar The Party Boulder
Bear Trap Prow f8A+ *** Sent x   9 Mar Nevis Bouldering
Northumbrian twist V11 ** Sent x   8 Mar Creagan Soilleir
Keyser Söze - Left Exit f8A *** Sent x   7 Mar Brin Rock
Keyser Söze f8A *** Sent x   7 Mar Brin Rock
Keyser Söze - Left Exit f8A *** Sent x   7 Mar Brin Rock
Scotch Egg f8A Sent x   6 Mar The Rannoch Stone
Embryonix V11 *** Sent x   6 Mar Lower Glen Lednock
Slim Pickings Direct f8B * Sent x Elliott, Jim 24 Feb The Bowderstone
A Grand Picnic Direct f8B * Sent x   22 Feb The Bowderstone
Flipnic Direct f8B * Sent x Crew 18 Feb The Bowderstone
Ground Zero f8A * Sent x   16 Feb Roche Abbey
Damnation V11 *** Sent x   12 Feb Thruscross
Man Make Fire f8A *** Sent x Mike Adams 7 Feb North Dean
Through the curtain V11 ** Sent   3 Feb The Bowderstone
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