Ondra's hardest routes

Yeah... as I've mentioned before, I'm working on a couple of articles on the subject of "hard routes". I asked Adam Ondra which routes he considers the hardest:

"Well, I think I have 4 routes, which are more or less the same hard - La Rambla, Action Directe, Weisse Rose and PuntX... The hardest I have tried might have been probably Open Air, but I tried just the moves, not the whole thing together. When I do so, I will be allowed to tell you comparison among others. I hope the weather will stay... :-) I did not try many more hard routes, but for me Jumbo Love is the hardest route on the world at the moment however I did not try it... Definitely! If you bare in mind the time spent on the route and so on...

It's kinda interesting to notice that Adam thinks La Rambla (9a+) and Action directe (9a) are more or less equally difficult. Andreas Bindhammer, who made the 2nd ascent of PuntX, just a month ago, reckoned it was at least 9a+... So, if Alexander Huber gave Weisse Rose 8c+ because; "Action Directe was considered to be 8c+. Therefore I graded routes like Weiße Rose and La Rambla with 8c+ as these routes were not significantly(!) harder..."... This would mean that all these routes are either 9a, which would indicate that most 9a's are, in fact 8c+'s (this is exactly what Huber suggests), or, it could mean Action directe, and the other three should be given 9a+, and Open air, hence, and now I'm speculating a bit, could very well be 9b!

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