Two more 8c+ onsights by Ondra [video update]

Adam Ondra on Catxasa, 9a+, Santa Linya, 206 kb
Adam Ondra on Catxasa, 9a+, Santa Linya
© Pete O'Donovan

The few who questioned whether Adam Ondra had taken onsighting into the next realm should now stand corrected. Adam followed up his two 8c+ onsights from the weekend, with two more in the Aragón region, Powerade at Vadiello and El templo del café at Alquezar. Not content with this he continued by making a 2nd go ascent of Desafiando a Tsunami for a third 8c+ of the day and as a cool down Noa, 8b, onsight.

Source: Dani Fuertes

As always, I'll try to get in touch with Adam for a comment, so if you're reading this Adam...

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