Young Brits at Ceuse & 8a+ for Natalie Berry

The world class sport crag of Ceuse in France has been the destination of choice for many climbers over the years and this summer has been no exception. A strong team of young British climbers hit the beautiful blue limestone for a bolt-clipping holiday and came away with quite a tick-list.

Luke Tilley on the classic 8a of Les Colonettes at Ceuse, 239 kb
Luke Tilley on the classic 8a of Les Colonettes at Ceuse
© Robbie Phillips

Natalie Berry climbing Dolce Vita (8a+) at Ceuse, 167 kb
Natalie Berry climbing Dolce Vita (8a+) at Ceuse
© Robbie Phillips
Amongst this was a personal best performance for Natalie Berry with her ascent of Dolce Vita (8a+).

Commenting on her blog, Natalie described her ascent:

"...It was getting late and my skin was sore. I was tired but wanted to do this route on my next go. I went for a run to warm up and got on, not feeling as comfortable as before but my determination won through – my sequence worked and I roared through the crux. Once again, mind had won over matter!

Watching the footage of me climbing this route taken by Robbie really inspired me, I had never seen myself climb like that before from a distance, and looking on as a spectator gave me a different perspective on my climbing. I had surprised myself and my foot was now in the door for climbing a harder grade!

In all I realised what I am capable of if I put my mind to it – as someone once said to me, I reckon I climb about 3 grades harder in competition than I do in training - purely because of my determination to succeed and the way my mind has adapted to competitive environments. I have had to learn to be competitive with myself and the routes I try outdoors, and to believe in my abilities. I feel fitter and stronger than before I went out, and can't wait to get back on a trip with friends and meet more new people. I would like to thank everyone on the trip who gave support in some way – whether it was a quiet "Allez Nat!" or a full-on "PUSH IT OUT!" We had a great team spirit at the crag..."

You can follow Natalie on her blog on Robbie Phillips' Website

Luke Tilley redpointing the 8b of L'ami de tout le monde at Ceuse, 222 kb
Luke Tilley redpointing the 8b of L'ami de tout le monde at Ceuse
© Robbie Phillips

Ed Hamer cranking the classic 7b+ of Blocage Violent on his holiday to Ceuse
© Robbie Phillips

Every one likes a tick list - so here is a list of routes above 8a from some young Britson holiday at Ceuse this summer:

Natalie Berry:

  1. "Petit Tom" (8a)
  2. "Carte Blanche" (8a) - 3rd go
  3. "Bourinator" (8a) - 3rd go
  4. "Les Colonettes" (8a) - 3rd go
  5. "Dolce Vita" (8a+) - 4th go

Robbie Phillips:

  1. "Petit Tom" (8a)
  2. "Dolce Vita" (8a+) - 3rd go
  3. "Soeurs Froides" (8a+) - Flash
  4. "Violent Illusion" (8b) - 3rd go
  5. "L'ami de tout le monde" (8b)
  6. "The Black Bean" (8b+) - 4th go

Ed Hamer:

  1. "Petit Tom" (8a) - Flash
  2. "Bourinator" (8a) - Onsight
  3. "Carte Blanche" (8a) - Onsight
  4. "Les Colonettes" (8a) - Flash
  5. "Seurs Froides" (8a+) - Onsight
  6. "Violent Illusion" (8b)
  7. "L'ami de tout le monde" (8b) - 2nd go
  8. "Radote Jolie Pepere" (8b) - 2nd go

Sam Hamer:

  1. "Bourinator" (8a)
  2. "Carte Blanche" (8a)
  3. "Petit Tom" (8a)
  4. "Les Colonettes" (8a)
  5. "Dolce Vita" (8a+)
  6. "Femme Blanche" (8a+)

Luke Tilley:

  1. "Bourinator" (8a) - 2nd go
  2. "Carte Blanche" (8a) - Flash
  3. "Les Colonettes" (8a) - 2nd go
  4. "Seurs Froides" (8a+) - Flash
  5. "Femme Blanche" (8a+) - Flash
  6. "Le Poinconneur des lilas" (8a+) - Flash
  7. "L'ami de tout le monde" (8b) - 2nd go
  8. "Radote Jolie Pepere" (8b)

Ed Hamer is sponsored by Wild Country , Red Chili , Moon, Beal

Natalie Berry is sponsored by Scarpa , Entreprise , Petzl , Beal

Sam Hamer is sponsored by Wild Country , Red Chili, Beal

Robbie Phillips is sponsored by Edelrid , Evolv

Luke Tilley is sponsored by Alpkit, Evolv

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