Ice knife 8C, by Graham

"Blue steel"? Dave Graham
© Björn Pohl

A China bound Dave Graham has made the first ascent of The ice knife, ~8C, in Colorado's Guanella pass, another high altitude area south of the Rocky Mountain National Park and Boulder.

On his 8ascorecard Dave writes;A majestic prow, jutting out of the forest on a northeast facing slope. A very technical compression climb and extra conditiony. Took me eleven days over two seasons, and it was a huge relief to final climb it. Difficult to grade, but one of the more challenging problems I have tried in a very long time, so we will see.

In total, Dave has done around six 8C, give or take, almost all of which have been first ascents.

David Graham is sponsored by Five Ten, Eastern Mountain Sports, Petzl and Beal

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