Ondra repeats Gioia, 8C+ [UPDATE: VIDEO]

Adam Ondra on Terranova, 8C+, 213 kb
Adam Ondra on Terranova, 8C+
© Vojtech Vrzba

According to Alta Montagna, Adam Ondra has made the second ascent of Christian Core's master piece Gioia at Varazze in northern Italy.

Back in February, he was able to do a shorter ~8B-version which starts 7 moves in, but didn't close the deal on the full line which adds another 7 move ~8B start. Then a few weeks ago, he came back, but still couldn't bag it.

Now, however, thanks to perfect conditions, he finally managed to do it

The ~14 move problem was originally given 8C, but since then most have come to the conclusion that it's probably more like 8C+. Apparently, Adam confirms this.

Of course, I will try to get a hold of Adam for a comment.

Big thanks to Ettore Delprino!

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