Two 8b onsights in a day by Matilda Söderlund

Matilda Söderlund flashing Siouxie, 7c+, 161 kb
Matilda Söderlund flashing Siouxie, 7c+
© Peter Renlund

Sweden's #1, Matilda Söderlund, soon 20, who is spending a couple of weeks in Spain this easter has certainly recovered well from the injuries which have kept her from training properly for the last few months and today, 9 April, she managed to climb two 8b's insight, Negociee and Zona 0, both at Siurana.

I won't say this came as a huge surprise, I mean on this trip alone, she has already redpointed one 8b+, (Mr Cheki), flashed one 8b and onsighted three 8a+'s but this doesn't make it less impressive, does it?

Matilda says she has only one day left before she goes home and that she, due to non cooperating weather and a cold never got around to working anything really hard this time.
She found Negociee very bouldery and close to her limit while Zona 0 was more about stamina and not that hard.

Matilda is currently enjoying a year off (off everything but climbing that is) to be able to focus on climbing both on rock and plastic.

Matilda Söderlund is sponsored by: Marmot, La Sportiva, Petzl and Beal

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