Graham repeats A simple knowing, 8B+?

Dave Graham on A simple knowing, 8B+(ish), 105 kb
Dave Graham on A simple knowing, 8B+(ish)
© Guntram Jörg

Dave Graham has made the 3rd ascent of Paul Robinson's A simple knowing at Topside outside Cape Town, South Africa.

Nalle Hukkataival gently started unscrewing the lid of a can of worms the other day when he, after dispatching it in half an hour, stated that the problem was nowhere near the 8C originally suggested by Paul, but rather 8B.

Now it seems the lid is securely tightened again after Dave suggested it is more like 8B+, and that the reason both him and Nalle felt it was easier than Paul could very well have to do with new beta in the form of a toe cam.

But since when are grades important anyway, eh?

Dave Graham is sponsored by: Petzl, Five Ten and Beal

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