8B and 8A+ by Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio on Don't get too greedy, ~8B, RMNP Co, 115 kb
Alex Puccio on Don't get too greedy, ~8B, RMNP Co
© Joel Zerr
Alex Puccio has repeated Don't get too greedy, ~8B and Lost in Space, ~8A+, in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

The headline could as well be "Alex Puccio has climbed outside", because it seems every time she does that, another 8B or 8A+ is added to her already long list. As soon as her knee is back to full strength and doesn't have to be afraid of falling, I'm sure there won't be long until she climbs even harder problems.

Alex comments her repeat of Don't get too greedy:

This was my second day on it. I tried it one day last year and decided my knee was good enough to make the hike to upper chaos so I could get back on it, happy it all worked out!!!

This was her 11th "8B or harder"

Alex Puccio is sponsored by: Friction Labs, Petzl and Scarpa

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