Two 9a's in a day by Megos

After three years Alex Megos is back in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky. As is his habit, he does what he does best i.e climb 9a's.

Southern smoke direct was put up by Adam Taylor in November 2011 and originally 5.15a/9a+ was suggested. One year later, Adam Ondra made the second ascent. He managed to flash it and said it was "definitely 9a". The route has also been repeated by Daniel Woods, Cedric Lachat, Brad Weaver and Stefano Ghisolfi in.

Enter Alex Megos: 

First day back in the ‪Red River Gorge‬ after 3 years! FINALLY did "Southern Smoke Direct" 5.14d (9a) today after failing on it 3 years ago. As well did a project(?!) to the left of "50 Words for Pump" which I would say is as well around 5.14d (9a).

Stay tuned for more as he still has one week left in the States! 

Here's a video featuring Adam's flash ascent.

Alex Megos is sponsored by: DMM, Entre-Prises, Patagonia, Red Bull and Tenaya

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