Crown of Aragorn, ~8B and more by Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio on Crown of Aragorn, ~8B, Hueco Tanks, Texas, 120 kb
Alex Puccio on Crown of Aragorn, ~8B, Hueco Tanks, Texas
© Joel Zerr
Alex Puccio has repeated the classic Crown of Aragorn, ~8B, as well as two 8A+'s and more in a very productive day at Hueco Tanks.

What a fun, hard and productive day yesterday! I was able to send Crown of Aragorn V13, Full Monty V12, Platonique V12, Windy Ass V9, Ministry of Truth V9 and Glass Ass Crack V9 all in a day's work! 😄 It was my first day trying Crown of Aragorn, but I have done the V8 stand start many many years ago and I have tried Full Monty in years past when I wasn't strong enough. It has been about 4 years since I was last in Hueco and I'm sad it's only a short trip this time, but I will be back for sure!!!

Alex' repeat of Crown of Aragorn was the second female ascent, after Ashima Shiraishi who did it in 2012 aged 11(!).

Alex Puccio is sponsored by: Friction Labs, Petzl and Scarpa

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