Edu Marin repeats WoGü, 8c Multi pitch

Edu Marin on WoGü, 8c MP, Rätikon, Switzerland, 158 kb
Edu Marin on WoGü, 8c MP, Rätikon, Switzerland
© Marin Coll.
Edu Marin has made the second free ascent of Beat Kammerlander's/Adam Ondra's WoGü, 8c Multi pitch, at Rätikon in Switzerland.

The route was opened by Beat Kammerlander together with H. Schleichl and P. Mathias in 1997 and named WoGü as a tribute to Wolfgang Güllich. It then took until 2008 before a 15 year old Adam Ondra could make the first free ascent.

According to him, the diffulty of the pitches are as follows: 8c, 7c+, 8b+/c, 8b, 8b+, 8a+, 7c+, making it one of the most difficult multi pitch routes in the Alps.

Since Adam's ascent no one has been able to repeat it. Nalle Hukkataival came close last year and wanted to make a new attempt this year, but the weather didn't cooperate and he had to leave.

Now, Edu Marin has finally made the coveted second ascent. This is what he wrote on facebook/Instagram:

Yesterday I achieved the first repetition of "WOGÜ" the Monster of the Alps!!!
Eight years have passed since its first free ascent by Adam Ondra in July 2008.
A nice and hard process in which I've been submerged for nearly two months. The conditions in August were not the best: rain, moisture, heat, etc ...
Perseverance, constancy, humility and motivation are some of the keys to unlocking this amazing line opened by Beat Kammerlander in 1997 in honor of Wolfgang Güllich.

Without you father this would not have been possible. Thank you for your patience and for calming the beast. Thanks Marc for your positive energy!!
This is also yours!! Dream Team!!!



Edu Marin is sponsored by: Boreal, Mammut, PUCtraining and Totem

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